The Messy Turtle

May 1

It was almost eight blocks from the station to Tulane Medical Center, but Zane didn’t even hesitate. He took off at a run, and Nick sprinted after him. Taxis in the French Quarter were few and far between, but by the time they crossed Rampart and got to the emergency department doors, Nick was pretty sure they could have carjacked someone and gotten there with less trouble. He had a hard time keeping up with Zane’s long strides.

When they were let into the room, they found Ty sleeping.Owen and Digger were leaning against the supply cabinet on one wall, and Kelly was sitting on Ty’s bed, arms crossed.

Everything was calm, except for Nick and Zane gasping as they both tried to catch their breath.

“What the hell, man?” Nick blurted.

Kelly shrugged. “They had to sedate him.”

Nick leaned against the wall, panting.

Zane moved closer, taking Ty’s hand. “What triggered him? What happened?”

“No clue,” Kelly answered. “We barely got any sense out of him.” “We were in the lobby when a nurse came running out begging for our help,” Owen explained. “When we got back here, three orderlies were holding him down. We tried to tell them he didn’t like being restrained, but they said he’d tried to attack a male nurse who came to take his vitals.”

Zane looked momentarily horrified, but he hid it quickly and gripped Ty’s limp hand tighter.

“When he saw us, he calmed a little, but not enough. The good news, though,” Kelly added, keeping his voice bright. “He passed the stone.”

“Great,” Nick huffed. “Now we just have to wait for him to fucking wake up. How long will that take?”

“Judging by the amount of sedative they gave him and the way Ty reacts to medications?” Kelly looked at the watch on his wrist. He shrugged. “I don’t have a fucking clue.”

Nick glared at him. “I hate you. We ran here. Sprinted.”

Kelly looked him up and down appraisingly. “Good job.”